Saturday, 30 May 2009

Why do YOU like Big Ben?

Someone has asked us, "why do people like Big Ben?" We can't answer for you, so here's your chance to tell the world!

Happy 150, Big Ben!

Send Big Ben your birthday greeting -- what do you want to say to him as he turns 150?

Saturday, 21 March 2009

If Big Ben were cast today, what would its name be?

There's an ongoing debate about WHO Big Ben is named after, but one thing is for certain: it was named after someone who was POPULAR. If Big Ben were cast today, what do YOU think his nickname would be? 

How did Big Ben get its name?

There are two possibilities:
1) Big Ben was named after "Big Ben" Caunt, who was a famous bareknuckle boxer in Victorian London, OR 2) Big Ben was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, who was Commissioner of Works when the bell was cast.
Which story do YOU prefer? And WHY?

What are YOUR memories of Big Ben?

Go on.... share your memories with us. The first time you saw the clock tower -- the first time you heard Big Ben strike the hour.... something that happened to you nearby.... 

What Does Big Ben Symbolise to YOU?

We're curious ... what does Big Ben symbolise to you?